SSM Health Wisconsin and MEP Health are partnering to provide a comprehensive prehospital medicine program that will advance the medical care provided to our communities starting from a patient’s first contact with emergency personnel in the field. We are actively building our services to encompass the full spectrum of emergency medical services care including innovative and involved medical direction, extensive education offerings, and EMS system quality assurance design and implementation.

Medical Direction

Affiliation with SSM Health hospitals and MEP Health

1) Hospital based education, QA and patient care feedback programs
2) Interdisciplinary disaster and education training opportunities
3) Online medical direction from trained Emergency Medicine physicians
4) Building of relationships with our hospital-based emergency care providers

Offer the opportunity for active physician lead medical direction.

1) Fellowship trained and continued involvement with local, regional, state, and national EMS partners provides up to date medical direction and EMS physician expertise or oversight
2) Standardization of pre-hospital protocols to provide evidence-based and cost-effective ca​re
3) Training
4) Ride along time with medical director to allow on scene education and medical direction as well as an opportunity to identify barriers to providing the highest quality of emergency care in the field
5) 911 medical director response capabilities at ALS level for large scale or MCI events
6) Participation in the development and implementation of effective quality assurance and process improvement programs for continuous system and patient care improvement


1) To provide education and training to all levels of providers involved in emergency medical services through simulation technology, hands on activities, and mobile educational opportunities in order to assist prehospital providers in providing the highest quality of emergency care.
2) To enhance and optimize our health system’s capabilities to care for our communities while maximizing our opportunities to advance the current integrated health network.
3) To collaborate with local, regional, state, and national EMS partners to assist in implementation of effective EMS systems.
4) To offer medical direction to interested agencies and assist in implementation of evidence-based emergency care protocols, quality assurance programs, and support effective performance improvement processes that are specialized to meet the unique needs of the community each EMS agency serves.
5) To support the missions of SSM Health Wisconsin and MEP Health


Education is one of the most powerful tools we can use to influence the care our communities receive. Our program’s goal is to provide centralized and mobile educational offerings including advanced simulation, high yield scenarios, case reviews, critical thinking labs, and in the future, certification courses and video based/online education modules. As medical directors we will help develop and support training curriculum's that allow for in house refreshers and help your crews invest in continued medical education. The goal is to develop training opportunities based on unique needs of each agency and community. ​​

We are fortunate to have recently purchased a wide variety of high fidelity simulation equipment to aid us in these endeavors through SSM Health. Our team is excited to share this incredible training opportunity with our EMS partners.

Contact Dustin Weber ([email protected]) if you are interested in training or scheduling a specialist to assist in a training.

Sim Man 3G

Sim Man 3G is an advanced patient simulator that can display neurological symptoms as well as physiological. It is simple to operate and features innovative technology such as automatic drug recognition, secretions, convulsions, and bleeding wounds with custom sounds and vocal responses. He is completely wireless which allows us great flexibility and the opportunity to utilize him in scenarios both indoors and outdoors.


SimJunior is a high fidelity, interactive pediatric simulator that simulates a wide range of conditions from a healthy, talking child to an unresponsive, critical patient with no vital signs. From advanced airway techniques and vascular access to basic pediatric assessment skills, SimJunior allows learners to focus on a broad range of pediatric skills in order to gain exposure and practical experience of life-threatening pediatric problems.


SimNewB is a newborn, tetherless simulator designed to help improve neonatal resuscitation and to meet the specific learning objective of neonatal resuscitation protocols. Focusing on the first 10 minutes of life, SimNewB provides realistic training for critical interventions such as lung recruitment maneuvers and advanced airway management.

Sim Man ALS

Sim Man ALS is a mid-fidelity mannequin that offers a more mobile, durable tool to train in basic life assessment to advanced life-support skills. SimManALS can be used to strengthen skills in airway management, breathing assessment, vascular access, cardiopulmonary exam, cyanosis linked to vital signs, fluid resuscitation, ECG interpretation.

Community Outreach

Public education and information on the prevention, identification, and treatment of emergencies

Involvement with community events that promote wellness, in particular if associated with EMS agencies

Development and implementation of a community paramedicine program

Race Day Events Partnership


The SSM Health EMS Program is excited to be offering a monthly training to help support our in-house NCCP refresher curriculum. Trainings will be held the first Thursday of each month from 6-8pm at St. Mary’s – Madison.